Could I possibly do this?

If you find yourself having doubts, rest assured that I am here for you. I, too, know how scary it can be to step out of the comfort and routine of what is familiar. I also know how incredibly rewarding it can be to come out, transformed, on the other side. You will be surrounded by a team of people who bravely made the choice to conquer wellness and who are committed to guiding you through this process.


If you come ready and determined, our coaches will ensure that you make the most of your time, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve your potential. You will feel the reward and excitement of growing as an individual alongside your clients.


"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."


Those who give our best never regretted it...

"A passionate person to share nursing skills in a new way for conquering wellness who loves live, learning and longevity"

I know the dedication and demands of the hospital floors and have been blessed and honored humbled on the front of the community it need of care...but have you considered the preventive side and serving a wellness model for keeping the community optimal and determined to live full capacity as long as we can before desperate or diseases occur?


This has been the most rewarding part of healthcare and the full circle, balance and beginning of a revolution for keeping our fellow RN's sanity -- as the units and floors are commonly understaffed... Is this you?


We are serving, in such to the keeping the demands for beds down! Teaching others who are ready for premium health.

 it can be your full 360 to the medical education skills and nursing experience within the TONT coaching program!

I truly provide the passion and path for the committed and career mind community of RN peers, who are concerned caring but ready to take control, conquer and change!

"It is my job to teach wellness prevention, to prevent harm as my personal mission it is a duty to provide options so that we as humanity know what may or may not cause harm." 

Terri SeldonRN

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